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AICP Digital Production Best Practices

AICP Digital is a chapter of AICP formed in 2009 that focuses on improving business practices (standards, contracts, labor, etc) for production partners on all sides of the advertising industry.

For the last several years, I’ve been part of a fantastically knowledgeable group of people that are a mix of agency and production company leaders. While the greater group meets annually at SXSW to discuss topical issues around digital production, a smaller group of us have been meeting more regularly in NY to try and move the ball forward on some smaller, perhaps easier to action, items.

One thing that has come up time and again is to create a high-level, simple and straightforward list of best practices for producers within the digital advertising arena.  Digital projects can run the gamut in regards to scope, budget and timing but the way to approach our work shouldn’t have to be so varied  or organic. Additionally, the practices by which we execute our work arm in arm with our production partners should be respectful, fair and put both agency and partner on a path for success. At the end of the day, a good set of agreed upon standards and best practices opens us all up to relax and have some fun while we’re producing our work as well.

So, the document below was a great collaboration by the AICP Digital crew meant to aid producers, whether novices or veterans, in creating a solid baseline for us all to work from.  It is by no means exhaustive (we could all write a book on a producer’s “bible”), and, if anything, we hope that it keeps the conversation moving on how to create great partnerships and work together for years to come.

Download below:

Digital Best Practices